Who is Clickbank Keynetics?

Clickbank gained the majority of its fame for being not only a well designed affiliate system for selling digital products, but for being extremely simple – registration takes less than a few minutes, creating an affiliate link that works successfully can be created in less than a few seconds, and its system of keeping track of sales is currently second to none.

Clickbank was the creation of company known as Keynetics. Keynetics is an Idaho based technology company with a strong research and development department that creates what they refer to as “elegantly simple Internet businesses.” They own two subsidiaries that are dedicated to bringing that simplistic style to their work in order to not only make a website that is easy to use, but also one that can act as a hub for the services they provide.

Their website designs have lived up to their goals. Clickbank, with its ease and simplicity, makes a sale through its business every 3 seconds or less. Keynetics’ other major Internet business, a company known as Kount, is one of the leading providers of fraud screening technology. Both websites generate over 100 million dollars in revenue and were made famous for their ease of use and simplistic website design.

While the creation of a company like Clickbank was destined to occur, it easily may not have achieved the success that it had if it were not for the Keynetics vision. Clickbank is a useful tool, but it would be considerably less useful if it were not for its basic design complete with effective tools for ensuring the affiliate’s success.

Kount uses that same simplicity as well. As a fraud detection service for online businesses, one would think the company has some complicated web interface that is difficult to maneuver through – in fact, they use a virtually identical in design, with easy access to news in the latest forms of Internet crime and prevention as well as the software necessary to monitor your sales correctly.

Keynetics deserves a great deal of credit for Clickbank’s success. Were it not for their simple system of helping people generate online sales, Clickbank would never have achieved the success that it had, and affiliate marketers everywhere would be without one of the most important affiliate marketing tools on the Internet.

The question, then, is what is Keynetics going to release next? Their activities appear to be a closely guarded secret, with very little news about what their R&D team is currently working to create, or whether or not they are even going to release a service that will be equally as beneficial to online marketing.

One thing that is clear, however, is that this is a company that knows exactly what it is doing. As long as Keynetics continues to keep to its dedication for creating easy to use websites designed to help Internet marketers improve and propagate their online businesses, there is no doubt that whatever they release next is going to be a tremendous success with Internet marketers everywhere.

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